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Open evening classes for adult learners are available in a wide range of languages at a variety of levels and locations throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Perfect for an upcoming holiday, to brush up on your existing language skills or simply to learn a new language.

To provide the most valuable learning environment, we endeavour to keep class sizes to a minimum.

Beginners Stage 1: Stage 1 assumes no prior knowledge of the language. The course will cover the foundation topics including: greetings, introductions, numbers, directions and ordering food & drink.

Beginners Stage 2: The class has a basic knowledge of the language and can already as a minimum: count to 20, introduce themselves, give directions and order food & drink. Stage 2 expands on these basics and introduces more challenging topics. This stage formally introduces the different tenses.

Beginners Stage 3: At stage 3, the class already has a good range of vocabulary and a competent knowledge of the basic topics. The group will begin to further their speaking skills as well as expanding on the reading, writing and listening elements. This stage will look in detail at the different tenses.


Intermediate Stage 1: By the first stage of the intermediate classes, delegates will have had 45 hours of classes and can hold a conversation on an everyday topic as well as being able to understand and form different tenses. They possess a wide range of vocabulary. This stage will explore more complex sentence structures, tenses and introduce more challenging topics such as telephone skills.

Intermediate Stage 2: At stage 2, delegates can easily identify and form different tenses. They will be able to comprehend and use more advanced vocabulary and will make only a few mistakes when holding a basic conversation. Topics such as opening a bank account and buying a property will be introduced.

Intermediate Stage 3: By the final part of the intermediate stage, students will engage in listening to radio and watching films in their target language. They should be comfortable conversing about everyday topics and using complex sentence structures, switching easily from one tense to another.  More advanced topics such as film and politics will start to be covered.


Advanced Stage 1: At the first part of the higher stage, students will have had 90 hours of structured tuition and will have done at least the same in independent study. The majority of the class will be given in the target language and students will be comfortable holding a conversation for around 20 minutes. Students will start to find it easier to understand radio and read newspapers in their target language. They will become comfortable conversing about more complex topics and will become increasingly confident in understanding regional accent variations.

Advanced Stage 2: By stage 2, students will be able to converse using grammatically complex sentence structures and utilise sophisticated vocabulary. This stage will concentrate on widening complex vocabulary, refining grammar and improving accent.

Advanced Stage 3: Stage 3 is for advanced students who have very strong grasp of the target language, can hold a fast paced conversation and read a novel in the foreign language. This top level will work to improve confidence, increase fluency and ensure the student can hold a lengthy conversation on a wide variety of challenging subjects.