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icon-translationTotal Linguistics offers quality, efficient and personalised translation services in Sheffield and Birmingham to businesses and individuals alike.

Accurate translation is key to ensuring your message is correctly conveyed in another language.

All of our translators are fully qualified and undergo stringent quality checks. Our translators always work into their native tongue and are carefully selected for each job, according to their experience and expertise. Furthermore, all our translations are independently proofread as standard.

We understand time is often of the essence. Our skilled and knowledgeable project managers work alongside an extensive network of experienced linguists to provide a quick and reliable translation service.

Every translation is different. We consider the exact requirements of each translation, offering a bespoke service, using whatever format and style you need.

For verbal translations please visit our interpreting page.

Let us ensure your message is read in all the right languages.

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Total Linguistics provides a professional proofreading service for documents that have already been translated. Whether you have translated your own CV or an overseas colleague has translated your latest press release, here at Total Linguistics we can give you the confidence that your translation is accurate and professional.

To ensure the quality of our proofreading service, all of our translators work into their native language and we choose the linguist best suited to your document.

Let us ensure your message is accurate.

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Languages are different lengths, shapes and sizes. Your perfectly designed English brochure may have to be reformatted for an Arabic, Chinese or even French translated version.

Our typesetting service will ensure that your document is not only translated but reformatted and presented professionally according to your original design.

Let us ensure that your translated document looks professional.

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