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English French Translation is incredibly significant when doing business with the French speaking world. As the native language of around 74 million people and one of the most spoken language across the globe, French is gradually becoming more and more important for UK businesses involved in international trade.

Every region of French speaking countries not only have their own culture, but vocabulary and linguistic preference. At Total Linguistics, our natural French speaking translators will not only provide an accurate English French Translation from the text you provide, but we’ll also ensure that the translation is culturally appropriate and that the correct French dialect is selected for its intended reader.

Every translation is different. We take into account exactly what is required from each English French translation and provide a personalised service, returning your translation in whatever format and style you need. As your completed French translation is likely to be longer than the original English version, Total Linguistics provides an extensive DTP and typesetting service. This will guarantee your French translation looks as similar as possible to the original document you provided.

Our English French Translation services covers a wide variety of documents including: manuals, marketing brochures, leaflets and websites . All our French translations are independently proofread as standard and we have numerous French translators who specialise specifically in advertising, technical, medical or legal translations.

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Total Linguistics provides a proofreading service for documents that have already been translated into French. This may be a translation already produced by a member of staff or a contact abroad. Our native French linguists will fully proofread the translation to ensure it is as accurate and professional as possible.



Total Linguistics provides a French translation services. Whatever your interpreting needs, our qualified and knowledgeable linguists will facilitate your English-French bilingual conversations. Our flexible and dependable interpreters can assist with any English-French interpreting requirement including: phone calls, visitors, business meetings and appointments.

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