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  1. Total Linguistics Interprets for Inward Investment Conference

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    Event Interpreting Case Study

    Total Linguistics was pleased to be involved in a recent inward investment conference in Sheffield and provided event interpreting for around 200 Chinese delegates.

    The event was hosted by central government and Sheffield City Council at the Sheffield City Hall. There was a full day of event interpreting for ten of our linguists who interpreted numerous presentations, conversations and dinners throughout the duration of the conference.

    A large proportion of the event required simultaneous interpreting, with headsets provided for every delegate. The event itself was logistically challenging with various breakout groups, field trips and numerous rooms used at the same time. One of our interpreting co-ordinators managed the interpreters throughout the day and a technician was on hand to take care of the equipment and interpreting channels.

    The event interpreting facilitated conversations with senior officials from China and culminated with a banquet at the Cutler’s Hall where our interpreters provided simultaneous interpreting throughout.

    Total Linguistics offers a full event interpreting management service. We work alongside event organisers to provide a seamless and thorough bespoke interpreting service according to the requirements of each event.

    To discuss your event interpreting requirements please contact us:
    0114 213 4646

  2. Just £649 for a 10 week language course for up to 10 employees!   

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    French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin & Japanese language courses

    Ensuring that employees can communicate in key foreign languages is invaluable for the international presence of UK businesses. Providing foreign language training for staff can significantly strengthen your workforce, increase exports and improve relationships with overseas colleagues.

    Total Linguistics will design a tailored language course specific to your industry and company’s requirements.

    For a limited period for South Yorkshire businesses Total Linguistics is offering…..

    French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin & Japanese language courses for just £649 for up to 10 employees!

    We can also provide a FREE taster session so you can ensure the language course is right for your company.

    For more details or to book fill in a request form or contact us…

    0114 2134646


    Terms and Conditions:

    Price excludes VAT

    – Must be booked by 31st August 2016.

    – Vouchers can be purchased in advanced and used up to 31st August 2016. Usage beyond this date is up to the discretion of Total Linguistics Ltd.

    – Usual price £849.

    – Subsequent courses may be purchased in advance for the discounted price.

    – No further discounts can be applied to the offer

    – Subsequent courses not purchased in advance will be charged at the usual rate.

    – Course duration is 10 hours. This may be used over a shorter or longer period than 10 weeks by prior arrangement.

    – Subject to availability

    – Course must be held at venue supplied by client. Venue can be provided by Total Linguistics Ltd. for an additional charge.

    – Languages covered include: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese & Mandarin (other languages available on request).

    – Maximum group sizes permitted are 10 persons.

    – Offer may be available to businesses based in other cities on request.

    – Total Linguistics Ltd. reserves the right to charge travel expenses for companies based outside of South Yorkshire.

  3. Total Linguistics’ Directors Complete Sleep Out For Sheffield Archer Project

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    Last Friday, Total Linguistics’ Directors Michelle Daniel and Eleanor Bagust swapped the comfort of their warm beds for a night sleeping on the streets of Sheffield City Centre. The purpose of the sleep out, organised by the Sheffield Archer Project, was to raise awareness and money for the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield.
    Thanks to the generous donations from their supporters the pair raised a fantastic £831.26, which will go towards funding some of the vital services the charity provides such as food, showers, laundry, fresh clothes and access to medical services.

    The night itself was an insightful and thoughtful experience for the two directors,
    ‘It was both thought-provoking and saddening to meet homeless people in Sheffield. The reasons people end up on the streets are so varied. Clients of the project showed us where they slept, often behind bins in dark alleyways. They explained some of the issues they faced on a daily basis such as not being able to get dry if it rains or the constant fear of being attacked’ Michelle explained.

    Eleanor also added ‘We were able to come home in the morning and have a warm shower and clean clothes, the thought of not having somewhere safe and warm to go to every evening is unimaginable. Going through this has given us a small glimpse of what it is like to be on the streets and has made us so much more aware of the issue. ’
    Total Linguistics will continue to support the indispensable work of the Sheffield Archer Project. To see more details about the charity and get involved, please visit the Archer Project website:

  4. Total Linguistics Sleep Out with Archer Project

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    Eleanor and Michelle from Total Linguistics will be taking part in the Sleep Out this September. The two directors will be spending a night outside in Sheffield City Centre to help raise the profile and understanding of the amazing work the Archer Project does to support the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield.

    The Archer Project re-engages homeless or vulnerably housed adults with the relevant support services. This includes providing food, showers, laundry, fresh clothes and access to medical services. They also help people access phones, computers and contact agencies such as drug support, housing providers, benefits advisors etc.

    They provide a ‘move on’ support service which involves Project Workers working alongside people to achieve and maintain stable life patterns. This can include work in drug harm reduction groups, education groups, occupational and leisure activities, and volunteering within CAP. You can find out more about the project and the work they do via their website:

    Any donations for the Sleep Out can be made via the Just Giving page:


  5. Four Ways Translation Can Help Businesses to Grow

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    Translation is integral to selling goods and services abroad and is increasingly listed as a key factor to helping businesses expand. Here are some of the main reasons translation can have such a positive effect on growth:


    1 – Attract New Customers


    Consumers purchase first and foremost in their native language. Ensuring websites and marketing materials are professionally translated into key languages will dramatically increase a company’s ability to attract overseas customers. Companies who only have their websites in English are missing out on over 70% of internet users who search online in other languages.


    TIP: Companies should consider their potential markets and choose suitable languages to be included on their website. The following languages are the most frequently used by internet users worldwide after English: Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German and French.



    2 – Communicate More Effectively with Existing Customers


    Communicating with existing customers in their native language avoids misunderstandings, improves customer satisfaction and helps increase customer retention and sales. In order to be competitive, multilingual customer care is an essential part of today’s business.

    TIP: Having a feedback survey translated can be an inexpensive but highly effective method of communicating with international clients whilst emphasising their value.  


    3 – Communicate More Efficiently with Suppliers


    Professional translation ensures accurate and clear communication with suppliers, helping to avoid misunderstandings, aid negotiations and strengthen relationships. Misinterpretation of pricing or quantity can have major cost implications for a business.


    TIP: Google Translate can be useful to get an idea of context for an email or letter received in a foreign language. Computer translation however is not accurate enough to provide a reliable translation and can often produce serious mistakes leading to a misrepresentation of the original text.


     4 – Communication with Employees


    If a business is already international, there is a high chance it will have employees outside the UK. It is best practice to ensure any important HR documents or contracts are provided in the workers’ primary language, even if they have a good level of English. This will help to avoid potential misunderstandings and reinforces their value within the company. Inside the UK, many British businesses now rely heavily on foreign workers. Language barriers not only cause communication difficulties but can also hinder productivity and staff retention rates. Poor communication will not only affect the efficiency of a workforce but can also be detrimental to the safety of employees.


    TIP: Multilingual health and safety notices are essential for companies with a diverse workforce.




    Total Linguistics Ltd.

    0114 213 4646



    Bookings are now being taken for language courses starting in Sheffield this September at our new venue. Enjoy learning a language in the beautiful and elegant surroundings of the historic Tapton Hall.

    Tapton Hall

    Choose from French, Spanish, German and Italian courses all at beginner level. The courses will cover the foundation topics including: greetings, introductions, numbers, directions and ordering food & drink. They are run for 10 weeks in small groups by our friendly and highly experienced tutors.

    These language courses are perfect for those who want to rediscover a language studied years ago, or, learn a language for the very first time with no prior knowledge.

    All delegates will receive a certificate at the end of the course and will have the opportunity to continue to the next level in January.

    Courses start on the 22nd and 23rd September.

    Days & Times:

    FRENCH – Tuesdays (7.30pm-9.00pm)
    GERMAN – Tuesdays (6.00pm-7.30pm)
    ITALIAN – Wednesdays (7.30pm-9.00pm)
    SPANISH – Wednesdays (6.00pm-7.30pm)



    Free parking is available at Tapton Hall. Places are limited on each course, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Bookings for the language courses are taken via our website:

    Alternatively, if you have any questions please contact Total Linguistics.

    0114 213 4646

  7. Collaboration Supports Exporters in Healthcare Sector

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    With more and more companies looking to export markets as a main source of revenue, it is becoming increasingly important to utilise language services as part of any international marketing strategy.

    Over the past few years, Medilink, a key player in the international trade support network, have teamed up with Total Linguistics to provide support to local companies in the medical and healthcare sector who are looking to market their products and services overseas.

    ‘Medilink UK are the representative body for the Healthcare Technology and Life Sciences sector. Working internationally in the healthcare sector, Medilink produce a number of documents that are endorsed by the British Government and distributed in various countries around the world.’

    Through collaborating with Total Linguistics, Medlink and their members have access to a comprehensive translation service for any type of project in any language. From the translation of operating manuals for complex medical equipment to packaging for medicines and supplements, many local companies are benefiting from having specialist medical translators at their fingertips, enabling them to be export-ready for any overseas market.

    Medilink Sector Specialist remarks on the Total Linguistics translation service, Their linguists produce first class translations in a very efficient manner, which are proofread to a high standard, returning a finalised document that we are proud to distribute to international healthcare delegates and government representatives from around the world.’

    In addition to providing translations for use in existing markets, local businesses can easily access new overseas markets through Medilink’s overseas exhibition programme. Exhibiting with Medilink enables their members to promote their brand first-hand in target markets and in doing so, Total Linguistics have produced a number of multilingual brochures and marketing material for exhibitions all over the world to support local businesses with their global presence.

    ‘It is vital that our choice of translation agency reflects the accuracy and professionalism of the documents we produce. Total Linguistics provide us with an outstanding service for a wide array of languages, from Brazilian Portuguese to Arabic, and as such we recommend them to our clients for all of their translation requirements.’


    For more details about translation services, get in touch with Total Linguistics at or call 0114 213 4646.

    For more details about Medilink, contact or call 0114 232 9292.

  8. How to Approach Culture for International Trade

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    Former American President George Bush once presented Li Peng, the then Chinese Premier, a gift of cowboy boots embroidered with the American and Chinese flags. Unfortunately for the American President, in China, feet are considered the least sacred parts of the body. A gift of shoes embossed with their nation’s flag was a disastrous cultural blunder and a huge oversight by the President’s office.

    To become an expert in every culture around the world is not viable for any SME.  However, in order to build longstanding successful relationships with overseas clients, it is important that businesses take the time to consider the customs and traditions of their export markets.

    Culture establishes the norms of social behaviour in a country and therefore determines the way a business should handle negotiations and customer interaction, which products and services are suitable and how to approach marketing.

    Here are a few of the key cultural considerations to take into account before exporting to a new country:


    Social and Cultural Traditions:

    Ensuring social and cultural traditions are researched will prevent a new market flop. This covers an extensive list of possibilities from acceptable behaviour and whether a population is inclined to follow the latest fashions to what and how often the inhabitants eat. Some of these may seem obvious, for example, an advertising campaign in Islamic countries with models revealing too much skin would be wholly inappropriate. Other things are less obvious and require careful research, for instance, colours are extremely symbolic in China. Avoid using the colour white on branding or marketing as the Chinese associate it with funerals.


    Educational Standards:

    Educational standards are evidently important for assessing the spending power of a country. However, it will also determine other areas such as how to address the tone of a marketing campaign. In the case of countries with high illiteracy rates it will shape the type of marketing employed. In these countries, adverts with large amount of text would be ineffective.



    Businesses must appreciate the importance of religion in many export markets.  Sharia law, for example, is incorporated into many Muslim countries and influences not only politics and economics but personal matters such as hygiene and diet. For example, many personal care products, cosmetics and medicines would be considered illegal under sharia law as they contain alcohol and are therefore not considered Halal.



    Some cultures still have very defined gender roles. Businesses need to be cautious of this when outlining their target audience and marketing a product or service. Marketing that may appear unisex in the UK could alienate an entire gender in other countries.




    Market research studies are a useful approach for understanding culture in new markets and developing export strategies. Through acquiring a thorough understanding of a country’s culture, businesses can determine if there will be potential demand for their product or service.

    The other key consideration that sits alongside culture is language. Language and culture are intertwined and both need to be employed to create an effective export strategy. Translating marketing material, packaging and instructions into a target market’s key language is the first logical step. Ensuring that text isn’t just simply translated, but also written in a style and manner appropriate for the culture of the export market is vital too.

    At Total Linguistics, our native translators are not only experts in marketing and localisation, but they are also the target demographic of many of our exporters. This allows us to develop effective and successful international marketing campaigns alongside our clients.

    For more information about our translation services please contact us:


    Tel: 0114 213 4646


  9. Website translation from just £149

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    Ensure your website is export ready with our specialist website translation service.

    Our starter website translation package is suitable for companies looking to export for the first time and for existing exporters aiming to attract buyers from new international markets.

    Total Linguistics will ensure all the essential information is presented to your target market without going through the time and expense of having an entire website translated.

    Total Linguistics can not only provide a translation service but will also help identify the most valuable languages for your organisation. In addition, we will prepare the contents of your international pages specifically for the chosen overseas markets and ensure the material is appropriate and effective for the intended audience.


    The website translation process:

    1) Total Linguistics helps identify your most valuable language(s)

    2) Total Linguistics will prepare and return the English content of your international page based on your target market, current website and any supplementary material provided

    3)Total Linguistics sends the finalised English version of the international content for your approval

    4) The website material is translated into the target language and proofread by an independent translator

    5) The translated content is returned ready for you to start attracting international buyers


    If you are interested in our Website Translation Service please fill in the following form:



    Alternatively, contact us on the details below:

    0114 213 4646


    *£149 + VAT per language

    Price includes contents preparation & up to 900 words of translation. Any additional text required will be quoted separately.    

  10. 25% Discount on January Language Courses

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    We are offering a 25% discount on early bird bookings for our January courses including: Spanish for Beginners and French for Upper Beginners.

    This means a 10 week language course is only £90.

    Simply enter TLNOV14 on booking to receive the discount.

    Hurry offer ends 30/11/2014, bookings after this date will be priced at £120.

    Click here to book our Spanish for Beginners course in Crookes, Sheffield

    Click here to book our French for Upper Beginners course in Crookes, Sheffield