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With more and more companies looking to export markets as a main source of revenue, it is becoming increasingly important to utilise language services as part of any international marketing strategy.

Over the past few years, Medilink, a key player in the international trade support network, have teamed up with Total Linguistics to provide support to local companies in the medical and healthcare sector who are looking to market their products and services overseas.

‘Medilink UK are the representative body for the Healthcare Technology and Life Sciences sector. Working internationally in the healthcare sector, Medilink produce a number of documents that are endorsed by the British Government and distributed in various countries around the world.’

Through collaborating with Total Linguistics, Medlink and their members have access to a comprehensive translation service for any type of project in any language. From the translation of operating manuals for complex medical equipment to packaging for medicines and supplements, many local companies are benefiting from having specialist medical translators at their fingertips, enabling them to be export-ready for any overseas market.

Medilink Sector Specialist remarks on the Total Linguistics translation service, Their linguists produce first class translations in a very efficient manner, which are proofread to a high standard, returning a finalised document that we are proud to distribute to international healthcare delegates and government representatives from around the world.’

In addition to providing translations for use in existing markets, local businesses can easily access new overseas markets through Medilink’s overseas exhibition programme. Exhibiting with Medilink enables their members to promote their brand first-hand in target markets and in doing so, Total Linguistics have produced a number of multilingual brochures and marketing material for exhibitions all over the world to support local businesses with their global presence.

‘It is vital that our choice of translation agency reflects the accuracy and professionalism of the documents we produce. Total Linguistics provide us with an outstanding service for a wide array of languages, from Brazilian Portuguese to Arabic, and as such we recommend them to our clients for all of their translation requirements.’


For more details about translation services, get in touch with Total Linguistics at or call 0114 213 4646.

For more details about Medilink, contact or call 0114 232 9292.