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If you have a product or service that is already exported or that you aspire to export, having a website that new or existing international buyers can find and comprehend is becoming increasingly essential for both marketing and customer satisfaction.


Marketing Benefit

Websites are the first point of customer contact for the vast majority of businesses today. Consequently, companies invest a lot of time, effort and money creating them. Having done all this, it’s important to maximise potential traffic and therefore sales.

Prospective clients may speak English, but the chances are they conduct internet searches in their native language. In fact, around 70% of internet searches are not conducted in English. If your website doesn’t contain text in their mother tongue then it is unlikely these potential clients will find your website.


Consumer Experience

Whether or not your customer can read in English, by offering information in your buyer’s native language is not only practically more convenient for them but it also portrays an excellent image of your business. Clients will appreciate the efforts taken to provide a translation, whilst it also eliminates the risk of any misinterpretation. For potential clients who can’t read English or who otherwise would not have come across the website, this is a chance for them to learn about your product or service that without a translation would have not existed.


Automated Website Translation

It is important to avoid automated website translation software as this will only provide a literal translation of your website. In some cases it may even mistranslate text and have a detrimental effect on your company image. Website translation should be done by a native professional with knowledge of your specific industry and ideally proofread by a second translator.


Costs of Professional Website Translation

It is often assumed that professional translations are expensive. This isn’t the case as website translation can be very affordable. In addition, it is not always necessary to have all the text on your company website translated. If your organisation doesn’t have the budget for a full website translation it is a good idea to start by creating a ‘Welcome and Essential Information’ page that can be translated into a couple of key languages.


Here at Total Linguistics we are happy to advise on what is right for your company. We can not only provide an accurate and professional website translation, but we can also ensure the contents of your website is suited to the cultures of your international clients. We also work closely with a number of local website designers to provide further assistance on areas such as foreign domain names and international search engine optimisation.   


Please contact us for further information about website translation or to discuss your company’s requirements.

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