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Providing foreign language training for employees brings an abundance of benefits for both your company and employees. Here are just a few of the reasons your company should consider foreign language training.


Customer Engagement, Satisfaction & Retention  

For employees who master a language to a high level, the ability to communicate with new and potential overseas customers has huge competitive advantages. From marketing to customer support, languages can present new business opportunities, increase sales and improve retention of existing customers. For employees who are just grasping the basics, customers and international colleagues will be grateful and often pleasantly surprised at their new found skills.

Freight forwarder FrigoLogistics in Sheffield approached Total Linguistics to provide German courses for their employees.

“We decided that it is rather selfish of us to expect everyone to speak and email us in English and started the first German course. Our colleagues are delighted that we are learning their language.  As our German improves this will also help with speaking to German hauliers. Some of our staff travel to Germany a few times each year, so learning German has proved invaluable for this.”


Employee Engagement, Satisfaction & Retention

Language training for your staff is not only directly beneficial to your organisation but also acts as an excellent employee benefit. Language training enables staff not only gain a new skill but to develop personally and professionally. Group language courses have the added benefit of providing an opportunity for team building which helps to improve internal communication, morale and productivity.

Global Law firm DLA Piper use Total Linguistics for French and Spanish training for their employees throughout the UK.

“Everyone looks forward to the classes each week and it’s been a great way for all the staff not only to learn a new language but also to interact with people they didn’t necessarily know well before. The groups have all made fantastic progress and they all run over a lunchtime so there’s no interruption to the working day.”


– Learning a foreign language can increase creativity amongst your workforce.

– Employees who learn a language will also develop an understanding of foreign culture, politics and business practices.

– Learning a second language helps to improve your employees’ English too! It encourages learners to think about areas such as grammatical construction and ultimately will lead to a better grasp of their native language.

– Providing language training can help to prevent staff from developing memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

– Learning a language will help build employee confidence in dealing with overseas customers.

– Language training will make employees feel valued and gives learners a great sense of achievement.


Here at Total Linguistics we feel strongly about the benefits of language training for companies. We are committed to helping British businesses remain internationally competitive and tailor all our language training to the needs of each client.

Please contact us for further details on our see our Language for Business promotion page or contact us directly on 0114 213 4646.