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With British exports being hailed as the driving force of the country’s economic recovery, never has it been more important for businesses to ensure they are maximising their export potential. One major way to attract overseas buyers is to provide marketing information in the buyer’s native language.

Generally, consumers purchase first and foremost in their own language. Even when a prospective buyer may speak English, they will not necessarily be searching online in English. In fact, 73% of internet searches are in languages other than English. Websites are vital for attracting overseas customers, but unless your website is in your potential customer’s native language, they will not come across it.

Top Tip: As a starting point, have your website landing page translated into two or three target languages. Also, try to acquire foreign domain names (for example .de for Germany).

Whether you are attending an exhibition abroad or sending a brochure to potential clients, traditional marketing is also far more effective when in the client’s native language. Make sure you have a marketing brochure on your product or service available in a couple of key languages.

Top tip: Take into account cultural and legal differences when advertising abroad. For example Chinese advertising law prohibits the use of terms such as ‘the highest-grade’ or ‘the best’.

According to the PIMLICO project, 75% of businesses who implemented a language management strategy increased their sales by a minimum of 16%. Total Linguistics is a fully comprehensive language service provider. We can help your organisation improve its relationship with clients across the globe. From document translation and staff training, through to writing and implementing a full language management strategy, contact Total Linguistics for all your language service requirements.

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