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The British Council recently published ‘Languages for the Future’, a report based upon growing export markets and opportunities for UK businesses. The report highlighted the importance of engaging with foreign languages and identified the most vital languages for British businesses to learn.

An ever growing focus for businesses to become successful internationally, increase their global presence and to better prepare themselves for communicating with overseas partners has seen more and more companies looking to participate in foreign language tuition.

With the support of Total Linguistics, companies across the region are training their staff in foreign languages to ensure that they have the skills to open doors to international trade and to build and maintain relationships with associates overseas. This follows warnings from The British Chambers of Commerce that an inability to trade in other languages is damaging the UK’s export performance.

Total Linguistics client Frigologistics Consulting Limited is the UK branch of German freight forwarding company, Frigosped Internationale Spedition.

Managing Director Keith Hampshire explains how Frigologistics use after-work hours for group German tuition to ensure that communication and relations with their German-based partners is always at its best;

‘We contact our German colleagues on a daily basis and the majority of them are excellent at English… we however decided that it was rather selfish of us to expect everyone to communicate in English, so we started the German course with Total Linguistics. 

‘Our colleagues are delighted that we are learning their language and as our German improves this also helps when communicating with German hauliers and for travelling to Germany on business trips.’

‘70% of businesses value language skills among their employees, particularly in helping to build relationships with clients, customers and suppliers.’ – The Confederation of British Industry

Ensuring that employees can communicate in key foreign languages is invaluable for the international presence of local businesses. What’s more, the training and investment in staff strengthens workforces and proves very popular amongst employees.

‘As all my staff have contact with the offices in Germany they were all given the opportunity to learn German. We all enjoy our lessons and we have a great tutor who is very patient with us. Whilst you are learning it never feels like an onerous task and everyone looks forward to the lessons.’

Tailored in-house language tuition is available in a range of languages with free taster sessions available.

10 most important languages for UK businesses to learn:

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Japanese

Languages of the future report

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